How to get a bunny to like you

To be in a rabbit’s good books is essential if you want to build a strong bond with them. Since bunnies are prey animals, they’re often skittish with an independent mindset unlike other pets such as dogs and cats. How to get a bunny to like you normally boils down to the effort, patience, and … Read more

Best rabbit treats for training

Treats play an essential role when it comes to rabbit training. Whether it’s teaching them how to use the litter box or to do tricks, one effective way to quicken the process is to reward them with their favorite treat. This can be done every time a small step is attained or a certain milestone … Read more

Should you get a rabbit harness?

The question that lingers in most rabbit owners’ minds is whether their furry pet can wear a harness. Just like dogs, bunnies can wear them. However, before you decide to purchase one, you should consider the harness type and quality. Additionally, let them get used to the idea of wearing it in the first place … Read more

How to train a rabbit to come when called

Having a rabbit that responds to your commands is quite impressive, however, how to train a rabbit to come when called is a question that puzzles most. First and foremost, you need to create a bond with your pet and repetitively reward them when they respond to their name or your command. Since rabbits are … Read more

How to train a rabbit to do tricks

How to train a rabbit to do tricks is one of the questions potential owners usually ask. One of the misconceptions about rabbits is that they are hard to train. On the contrary, bunnies are quite intelligent animals. Most owners usually find it difficult to train their pet bunny. Perhaps they haven’t created a real … Read more

How to litter train a rabbit

There is a misconception that rabbits are filthy animals which usually isn’t the case. On the contrary, bunnies make excellent indoor companions because, like cats, you can easily litter train a rabbit. This article looks at everything you need to know when it comes to bunny litter training.   Does the age of a rabbit … Read more

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