How to train a harlequin rabbit basic commands and tricks

Training a harlequin bunny for basic commands and tricks is not only fun but it can also strengthen the bond between the two of you. All it needs is patience and consistency while using positive reinforcement techniques. Some of the basic tricks you can teach harlequins includes sitting up, coming when they’re called, spinning, and … Read more

How to properly handle and pick up your rabbit

Rabbits are fragile animals that need to be handled gently. When picking up a bunny, it’s important to do so with care to avoid injuring or stressing them. In this guide, we talk about the proper way to handle and pick up your rabbit as well as tips to make the entire experience comfortable for … Read more

The role of rabbits in education and assisted therapy

Rabbits play a significant role when it comes to education and learning. They are involved in various settings such as schools and therapy centers to help both children and adults learn or develop social skills. Educational and learning programs use rabbits to teach students about animal care, biology, and being responsible. Rabbit-assisted therapy, on the … Read more

How do you house train an older rabbit?

Dwarf and average-sized rabbits are considered seniors when they’re around 7 to 8 years. Large bunnies on the other hand are regarded as elderly when they turn  4 or 5 years. Regardless of breed, one thing is certain, older rabbits are more attentive compared to younger rabbits thus making them easier to litter train. The … Read more

How do I get my bunny to trust me to pick him up?

The question rabbit owners often ask is, how do I get my bunny to trust me to pick him up? A rabbit with all its four feet off the ground isn’t something your pet considers natural, however, you may need to carry them from time to time. Considering that a rabbit has a fragile skeletal … Read more

How to train a bunny not to chew on things

Rabbits chew on stuff instinctively to wear down their teeth or sometimes out of sheer boredom. However, sometimes this particular behavior can turn destructive or it might even end up harming your pet’s health if left unchecked. This article looks at the various ways how to train a bunny not to chew on things.   … Read more

Are male or female rabbits easier to litter train?

Rabbits just like cats and dogs are intelligent pets that are easy to litter train. However, if you were to choose between a buck and a doe, which one would you adopt? Going a step further, are male or female rabbits easier to litter train? This article answers that and much more regarding this particular … Read more

Can you train a rabbit to poop outside?

Rabbits are adorable pets that make great indoor companions. However, sometimes those who intend to adopt them often wonder, can you train a rabbit to poop outside? The short answer is yes you can. Not only are rabbits smart easy to litter train, but they’re also generally clean pets. Below is a step-by-step guide on … Read more

How to teach a rabbit to high five

Rabbits are intelligent animals that can learn just about any trick if they’re properly motivated. One of the tricks that most owners and people, in general, find fascinating is a bunny that high-fives on command. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to teach a rabbit to high five, then … Read more

How to teach a rabbit to play dead

A rabbit that knows how to do tricks, more so play dead on command, is most likely going to be the center of attention at home. However, the question some rabbit owners often wonder is how to teach a rabbit to play dead. Not only can you easily train a bunny to do this particular … Read more

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