Can you train a rabbit to poop outside?

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Rabbits are adorable pets that make great indoor companions. However, sometimes those who intend to adopt them often wonder, can you train a rabbit to poop outside? The short answer is yes you can. Not only are rabbits smart easy to litter train, but they’re also generally clean pets. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to teach your bunny to poop outside the house.

Considerations prior to rabbit outdoor  poop training

Before you begin the training, bear in mind that bunnies usually prefer to defecate in secluded outdoor areas that are free from distractions or invasion from other pets. Below are the essential factors you need to consider before teaching your bunny to poop outside.

  • Spaying or neutering

A rabbit that hasn’t been desexed is going to poop anywhere as a way of marking its territory regardless of whether it’s litter trained or not. This unwanted behavior is caused by hormonal cycles when your rabbit is around 4 to 8 months old. In other words, spaying or neutering your bunny will tame its territorial tendency, which involves scattering droppings all over the house.


  • Limit your rabbit’s area

After confirming that your bunny has been spayed or neutered, the second thing you’ll need to consider before commencing training is to restrict your pet’s indoor movement. This is advisable, especially for newly adopted bunnies or those with bad pooping habits. You can use a playpen or a sectioned-off area in a room that’s closer to your backyard or a secure outdoor spot. This will essentially make it easier to clean after your bunny in the early litter training stage. Secondly, it also helps your bunny familiarize with the spot near where you want it to defecate.


  • Outdoor Access

The next factor you ought to consider is to ensure that your bunny has easier access to the outdoors. In other words, a room with a small rabbit door that leads to the backyard is recommended. This typically allows your rabbit to get in and out of the house as they please. In turn, it makes the outdoor poop training sessions slightly easier.


  • Outdoor pooping spot options

Once your bunny has access to the outside space, the last factor to consider before you commence training is to let your pet explore all the suitable outdoor spots. This is after cordoning off other areas apart from the room that leads outdoors.


How to train a rabbit to poop outside

A bunny that poops anyway indoors can be unhygienic especially if you have kids around the house. Besides that, having to clean after their poop is also undesirable if it happens frequently in unwanted places. Below is a step-by-step guide on teaching your indoor bunny how to poop outdoors, regardless of whether they’re newly adopted or not.

  • Place the rabbit litter box outdoors

It’s usually advisable placing the litter box in a secluded outdoor spot. However, after a week or two when you notice that your bunny favors a specific outdoor location, then let that be their defecation area. A typical litter box should measure at least 20’’L X 15’’W  X  3’’H. For bedding, add dense pellets underneath and hay on top to attract your bunny and also keep its litter box dry.

  • Lure your rabbit near the littering spot after a meal

Always ensure that your bunny is in its litter box or at least near it during feeding or after a meal. If they’re indoors, try to lure them with their favorite treat more so during the initial training stage to avoid any indoor pooping mishaps. Alternatively, you can restrict your bunny from accessing specific indoor areas other than the targeted spot or outdoor where it needs to do its business after a meal.

Can you train a rabbit to poop outside

  • Discourage your rabbits from pooping indoors


The other way to discourage indoor pooping mishaps is to interrupt your rabbit whenever it’s about to poop. One tell-tale sign of a bunny that’s about to defecate is one with a pushed-out bottom and tail. To prevent unwanted pooping behavior, immediately you spot your rabbit in the act or about to do its business, say your pet’s name with a firm no. Lastly, coax your bunny onto the litter tray using its favorite treat, and reward it when it poops there.


  • Place your bunny’s poop in the litter box

In the event of an indoor poop mishap, discourage your pet’s unwanted behavior by immediately cleaning up the floor. In addition to that, picking up its droppings and placing them in their outdoor litter box, is always recommended. This essentially gives your pet a hint on where to poop. However, if your bunny is already litter trained to defecate indoors, you’ll first need to re-condition its littering habit. This is achievable by gradually relocating their litter box near the door closest to the yard, then near the intended spot, and gradually outside the designated outdoor area.



Training a rabbit to poop outside is quite easy, it simply boils down to making your outdoors accessible and then eventually luring your rabbit to its litter box. All it needs is a little bit of time and patience. Finally, always ensure that you regularly clean their litter. This entails changing their bedding as often as possible to encourage your rabbit to use the same spot in the foreseeable future.



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