Can you keep rabbits with ducks?

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Whether you’re a farmer or an avid pet owner with the intention to adopt both a rabbit and a duck, you’re probably wondering, can you keep rabbits with ducks? The short answer is, no, the two animals shouldn’t live together.

Considering that rabbits and ducks are different species, each one has its own distinct needs when it comes to diet, housing, and territory. In other words, they may fail to coexist if they’re cooped up in the same cage or hutch. However, that’s not to say that they can’t cope with each when they’re introduced at a young age and their living space is large enough to give each one their personal space. Keep reading to find out more if keeping rabbits with ducks is a good idea.

Kitten And Duckling

Why rabbits and ducks are incompatible

For starters, rabbits are prey animals that are instinctively skittish and cautious by nature. For this reason, they specifically see ducks as a potential threat or a predator waiting for that opportune moment to devour them. In most cases, rabbits will often lunge at ducks as an act of defense especially if the latter tries to approach a rabbit within its territory.

Similarly, male ducks (drakes) are also territorial and will often attack rabbits or other animals they consider trespassing regardless of their size. Either way, chaos normally awaits when these two species are kept in the same vicinity over a long period.

The other reason why ducks and rabbits can’t coexist mainly boils down to their eating and pooping habits. Unlike rabbits,  ducks can’t be litter trained. For this reason, expect them to poop anywhere even around your bunny’s fresh hay or pellets, which may cause stomach upsets for rabbits.

The other health concern is that both ducks and rabbits are unfastidious eaters and will nibble or nip at anything edible they find. As a result, both animals may end up eating each other’s food which isn’t healthy or recommended.

Lastly, a duck’s typical habitat should contain a body of water it can occasionally swim in. On the contrary, having a water body near a rabbit’s living space may be hazardous for them. Although they can swim if need be, exposing your bunnies to water can have an adverse effect on their overall health. It’s therefore advisable to separate the two, if not at least try to prevent your rabbits from accessing the duck’s pond.


Will my rabbits and ducks get along if properly introduced?

In most circumstances, if they’re properly introduced at a tender age, there’s a high chance they’ll cope with each other. Depending on how often they spend time together, they can sometimes form a bond with each other, however, it takes both time and patience.

As your kitten and duckling get older, their territorial and defensive tendencies start to kick in. Therefore, it’s advisable to separate their sleeping area in order to maintain peace. In addition, when it comes to feeding them, each animal should have a separate area that the other species can’t access. This helps to ensure that a rabbit’s food is free from duck poop, besides maintaining each animal’s food portion accordingly. Lastly, neutering your bucks (male rabbits) will help nip in the bud their aggression and territorial behavior.



What animal can I keep with my rabbit?


Although the best companions for rabbits are either their siblings or other rabbits they’ve been raised with, they can equally get along with some domesticated animals. They may include cats, chinchillas, dogs, guinea pigs, small birds, pigs, and even turtles. However, at first, socialization needs to be gradual and under supervision, before your rabbits learn to trust and accept any of these animals. How fast a bond is created will depend on your rabbit breed type, the other animal’s temperament, and how much time the two spend together.


What animals can live with ducks?


Ducks can coexist peacefully with other poultry and domestic animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs. However, you need to ensure that each animal has its specific feeding, nesting, or resting area. This will prevent unwanted fights or competition for food among poultry and water for all animals in general.



Can you keep rabbits with ducks and is it ideal? Although there are rare cases where rabbits and ducks live in harmony, in most circumstances, they barely get along. If you intend to keep the two, introduce them at a young age. In addition, also neuter bucks to tame aggression and territorial behavior. Other than free ranging them in a shared open space, always ensure that each has a different sleeping enclosure.


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