Can rabbits eat strawberries?

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Although rabbits are known to eat a wide range of fruits, the question most owners often ask is, can rabbits eat strawberries? And if so, what quantity of this particular fruit should rabbits eat? Does it have any nutritional value for your bunny? This article is going to answer all these questions in addition to all the ins and outs of a strawberry diet in relation to rabbits.


Can rabbits eat strawberries?

Yes, rabbits that are over 12 weeks old can eat strawberries, however, feed them moderately. The rule of thumb is to serve dwarf rabbits one small strawberry piece per serving twice or thrice per week. Medium and large bunnies on the other hand should be fed two regular-sized strawberry pieces per serving twice per week. In addition, besides the fruit, other parts of a strawberry plant such as the stem, leaves, and flowers can be eaten by rabbits. Nonetheless, just make sure that their main diet comprises mainly hay, substituted with vegetables and fruits as treats.

Introducing Strawberries to your rabbit’s Diet

First and foremost, before serving your rabbits the strawberries, make sure that they’re clean and fresh. Thoroughly rinse, the fruit to remove any residue of pesticides that may harm your bunny when ingested.


Secondly, cut the small-sized single strawberry into a few edible pieces. Proceed by gradually serving your rabbit tiny pieces throughout the day while keeping an eye out for any signs of digestive distress within the next 24 hours.


If your bunny shows any signs of discomfort within the stipulated timeframe, avoid serving them the strawberry. However, if there are no negative reactions feed your pet this particular fruit sparingly, and occasionally as a treat. To be specific, this should initially be one strawberry piece per serving a couple of days per week, in addition to hay substituted with vegetables.



The nutritional value strawberries provide rabbits

Strawberries are a highly nutritious fruit that consists mainly of antioxidants, fiber, manganese, vitamin C, and high water content. All these nutrients contribute in one way or another to the overall health and well-being of a rabbit.


Antioxidants contained in strawberries are helpful when it comes to protecting a bunny’s tissue from oxidative damage. The fiber content helps improve a rabbit’s gut movement while the manganese helps in the metabolism of enzymes responsible for energy production.

The other essential nutrient contained in strawberries is vitamin C, which basically helps improve a rabbit’s immune system. Lastly, the high water content in this particular fruit helps to keep rabbits hydrated, especially during warm months.



Risks of feeding rabbits excessive strawberries

Considering that strawberries are high in sugar content, excessive intake may lead rabbits to be overweight and develop health problems. In addition, rabbits may also develop gastrointestinal issues as well as tooth decay from excessively consuming this particular fruit that contains a lot of sugar content. Lastly, regular consumption of this tasty treat may eventually force your rabbit to be a picky eater. As a result, they may fail to eat their primary hay diet leading to nutritional deficiency in the long run.


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