Calmest rabbit breeds that make great pets

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Some rabbit owners prefer to adopt calm, docile, and laid-back rabbits as opposed to active or energetic ones. Regardless of whether your bunny is a miniature, medium, or giant breed, the calmer they are the better suited they are as pets, especially if they live indoors. Additionally, calm rabbit breeds are also ideal for first-time owners since they aren’t a handful. Below are some of the calmest rabbit breeds that are ideal pets.


American Rabbit



American rabbit
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The American rabbit is one of the calmest rabbit breeds worth adopting especially if you’re looking for an affectionate companion. They have a medium-sized semi-arch body with a silky textured soft coat. American rabbits also get along with other rabbit breeds or household pets. This particular breed comes in white and blue colors. In general, they’re calm, affectionate, and docile. American rabbits are also friendly when approached making them great pets for singles, seniors, or families with children.


Alaska Rabbit

Another calm, docile, and loving pet is the Alaska rabbit. They have medium-sized bodies with long white guard hair and fur that comes in jet black or deep blue slate color. This particular breed typically enjoys spending the most time with its owners. In addition, Alaska will most likely get along with all family members, other rabbits, and household pets too. Alaska rabbits essentially make great pets for most households regardless of whether they’re kept indoors or outdoors.

Crème d’Argent

This large rabbit weighs between 8 to 10 pounds and is also one of the calmest rabbit breeds. They have a commercial body shape and shimmery orange-silver or orange fawn fur that makes them stand out. The main reason why the Crème d’Argent is an ideal pet is simply that, it was initially developed as a show animal and also breed for its meat. Generally, this particular breed is calm and easier to handle compared to most rabbits. Lastly, the Crème d’Argent is suitable for seniors, singles, couples, or even families with kids.


English Angora

English Angoras are calm and docile bunnies that make great companions. They have a compact body and weigh between 5 to 6 pounds. They have a woolly, thick, and silky coat that comes in various colors and needs regular grooming. English Angoras make good pets and will build a bond with their owners, or the person who grooms them the most. Their docility and dependency on humans make them ideal pets for singles or couples who don’t mind this high-maintenance type of Angora breed.


English Spot 

The English Spot is an affectionate and calm bunny that will definitely win your heart. They weigh between 5 to 8 pounds and have a full arch-shaped body. The English spot has short and dense fur which comes in different color varieties such as chocolate, black, blue, gray, gold, and lilac with a unique butterfly mark on their nose and distinctive circles around their eyes. This particular breed is laidback and will essentially blend well in any household. It’s worth pointing out, however, that English spots are less active than most bunnies.

Fauve de Bourgogne

Fauve De Bourgogne

Known for its gentle and docile nature, Fauve de Bourgogne Rabbit is a great choice for a family pet. They weigh between 7 to 8 pounds and have a commercial body with a medium-dense, distinctive orange-red coat. Compared to other breeds, this particular bunny is less active too. On the other hand, they’re easier to train and are suitable for most families and first-time rabbit owners.


French Lop

The French lop is a gentle giant with a calm and docile temperament. They weigh between 10 to 15 pounds and have a commercial short body with a dense coat. French lop comes in different color varieties such as white, black, brown, chinchilla, fawn, opal, and steel. Their ears also distinctively hang below their jaws giving them a unique look. This giant breed is quite affectionate and will easily get attached to its owners. In other words, French Lops will most likely thrive around people when they’re exposed at an early age. Ideally, they’re great pets for large families.


Jersey Wooly Rabbit

This dwarf-sized rabbit is one of the calmest and most affectionate bunnies. They weigh between 2 to 3 pounds and have a compact body. Their ears are small and erect giving them a distinct look, not to mention the different color variations they come in. Jersey Wooly rabbits are quite friendly even when approached by strangers. This is simply because they were mainly bred to be household pets. Jersey Wooly rabbits are easy to handle and are suitable for families with kids or first-time owners.


Polish Rabbit


Polish rabbits weigh between 2 to 3 pounds and are pretty much calm dwarf breeds that are great companions. They have a compact body with short flyback fur and come in a variety of colors. Polish rabbits are affectionate and docile and normally thrive around humans if properly taken care of. They are ideally good pets for families with children or novice rabbit owners.


 Rex Rabbit

Rex rabbits have a calm and good-natured temperament. They have a commercial body type and usually weigh between 7 to 10 pounds. Rex rabbits have dense short soft coat that comes in a variety of colors. This bunny is affectionate, easy to train, and generally gets along with other pets. Rex bunnies are therefore suitable for most families with kids.


Siberian Rabbit

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Siberian bunnies have a laid-back and docile personality that makes them adorable pets. They have semi-arch body and weigh between 7 to 9 pounds. Siberians also have a smooth dense coat that comes in lilac, brown, blue, or grey. Other than being calm breeds, they are also intelligent and affectionate, making them easily trainable and better-suited pets for most households.



Adopting a calm rabbit breed is essentially something worth considering especially if you’re a new rabbit owner. They’re great with kids since they’re less skittish and are generally much easier to handle. Additionally, gentle bunnies are also suitable indoor pets since they’re less destructive and need less space to play in.


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