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I am a devoted animal lover and a pet enthusiast seeking to share information relating to rabbits in general. I am an avid rabbit owner, purveyor, and pet researcher. My main aim is to help bunny lovers like myself find the most answers related to rabbit questions. This blog covers all rabbit-related topics extensively and in great detail. They include the different types of rabbit breeds, their behavior, feeding, health, facts, training, housing, and general care.

In a nutshell, rabbitszone.com is all about rabbit welfare and how to provide a safe habitat for them. In addition, the platform is where all bunny lovers, whether seasoned or novice get to hang out, share, learn, and gain more knowledge about rabbit keeping. I intend to provide fact-based, reliable, and trustworthy information.  I am happy to welcome you on board; feel free to drop a comment, question, or suggestion, through this email rabbitszone6@gmail.com and I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

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